IMG_8262A ‘new’ tradition has been developed close to the Tor over the last few years. When you, not yet weary Pilgrim, step on the pathway that leads to the winding road up the Tor, just entering through the ‘kissing gate’ then on the left is a new standing stone. It is part of a marker on the cycle path from Glastonbury to Wells created by painter and sculptor Barry Cooper.

This stone has a bell placed inside, and before going on your path, search for a pebble in the field, stand about ten paces away from the standing stone and you try to sound the bell by throwing your pebble at it. The clear ringing of the bell denotes your start up to the Tor and an effortless arrival at the top.

As I said in a previous blog post, going up and down the Tor can change into a metaphor for spiritual growth and reaching your spiritual and personal goal. Taking your own lead,  you thank the people who give way to you, and when you descend again, it’s your turn to give way to ascending people.

IMG_8261Some time ago, when I wanted to ring my bell at the beginning of my journey to the top of the Tor, I found a small pebble, I almost reached for it, but then I saw that close by there was larger one. I picked that one up and lo and behold! when I threw that one I rang the bell strong and immediate in one go!



IMG_8268WhooHooo! I loved it. Why make a spiritual journey difficult – even if it is as brief as trying to ring a bell? – when whith the means at hand you can find solution and accomplishment in one go? It fits this time of almost instant gratification. But… then the journey starts….

Shine on!