IMG_8063I am in the centre of my universe. You are in the centre of yours. From this vantage point I come to see the views we share differently and you come to see, from your unique perspective, our shared experiences differently too. We all live in our own reality and that is good.

Over seven billion realities overlap, bounce off and interact with each other; over seven billion individual realities are all true. Most often, because we are “group animals”, we interact with each other. That is the moment we transcend out of our own bubble of reality and be grander than that and help others with our humane feelings of love, empathy and sympathy.

What happens when our individual realities don’t gel and a shared vision is seemingly far away? I love to think – and it’s my experience, and I am still learning – that those characteristics: love, empathy and sympathy, rush forwards. So I can see and hear and empathise with the issue someone else is bringing up, feel love for that person and feel sympathy in my heart for their plight.

It does not mean that I from that moment forgo my personal feelings I have around that issue, but what may start happening, is that we both get a clearer stance on our Sacred Points of View. Then the play starts. I become more gentle and open up a little more and so does the other. Our very separate points of view become more a joint Sacred Point of View and harmony is restored in our relationship. Whether this is a relationship with your partner, neighbour, your greengrocer or your relationship with the natural world.

Getting older helps the process, however, ironically, getting older helps me too to understand that my own point of view is not that bad and that it actually feels good to stand my ground with love, empathy and sympathy for myself and the other.