Of Eclipses and Change



Karin and I were married in Chalice Well and Shepton Mallet on the 25th of July 1999.






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For our honeymoon, we went to an OakDragon Camp with our kids near Constantine in Cornwall.






We went to witness a full eclipse of the Sun on August 11 1999




It was sensational in many ways. One energy ley that I measured expanded from about eight feet into infinity and lost any measurable energy. I felt that I met my Grandfather, Bishop Ernst Lönegren (who had died before I was born), and he told me, “I demand that you get more into God!” This was an interesting call in that at that time I was much more into Goddess. But most importantly, it marked the beginning of a relationship with the most wonderful woman I have ever met: Karin.



March 20, 2015
Now, 16 years later came the second eclipse that I have experienced while living here in Glastonbury, and it marked the end of our time here.



Of course I was warned not to look directly at the sun, and as I didn’t have the eclipse glasses I had had in Cornwall I only gave the Sun a passing glance. The most memorable thing about this happened when I closed my eyes, I saw not one, but three C shaped orange-red Suns under my closed eyelids!


Once again, the eclipse marked an important turning point in my life with Karin. We’re leaving Glastonbury and moving to Enkhuizen in The Netherlands.



avalon1Karin and I received this cake with an icing photo of Eiland 2 on the day we received the purchase agreement from the owner that the house was ours.

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