The waiting area gets busier by the minute. I am well aware of the many sniffles around me. I’m a sniffler my self. I started getting a cold a week ago just after the long flight from Bristol to Newark and from Newark to Burlington. The morning after the flight my throat started aching and the cold traveled from there to my lungs, where it still firmly resides. I have a normal temperature.

I’ve just heard that we have been hurricaned. Its tale sweeps across the east coast of the States and our plane will not be in on time for us to catch our connection to Buffalo. Husband gives a talk tonight and we may just get on time to the venue. I don’t care how we are getting there, as long as we are getting there. We just heard that we will be flying via Washington DC, that’s a bit out of the way but somehow we will arrive just an hour before Husband gives his talk.

This means that we will be sitting two hours longer in between at least a 100 people who show signs of having the same cold as I have. Coughing, sneezing, wiping noses on hands, sleeves, handkerchiefs and tissues. I have never ever understood the attraction of the handkerchief other then to drop it so your favourite man can pick it up for you (yuk, I hope he washes his hands quickly afterwards). Blowing your nose in a thin piece of cotton cloth, looking at what has been produced and then putting it back into your pocket, is not a way to prevent spreading colds. Unless persons concerned run to a loo, bathroom or facilities to scrub their hands and maybe even their face.

Burlington Airport has sanitizing gel available everywhere, Husband and I are using it like mad every time we spot one. Sister-in-law gave me a negative ioniser. I have it hanging around my neck and as soon as I am airborne, I’ll switch it on. It supposes to dispel any virus and cleans the air before it reaches my face. I pray it helps.

Yesterday, again on ‘terra firma’ I worked actively with a spirit plant that came to my aid. I was driving through beautiful Vermont and I noticed my lungs aching again. I whined. Husband thought that was not helpful, I think he was right. The moment I stopped feeling sorry for myself, Thyme came into my awareness and its beautiful spirit filled my lungs and sinuses with strong Thyme essence, in spirit form. It was remarkable how quickly the healing properties of Thyme helped my body. I still have the cold but the breathing is much easier and the sinuses are clearer then they have been for days.

If you happen to have a cold or other discomfort, take a few deep breaths (if possible) and invite a plant to come to your help. When you sense the Plant Spirit, ask it to support your whole system in getting stronger. Be prepared to be surprised by its effect.

– Karin Schluter Lonegren