LabyrinthSoulful Labyrinth Karin SchluterI doodle during a talk – it is November 1999 – by Reverend Penny in Buffalo, New York. Flowers come to life in my notebook. The Rev talks about the years 2000 and what she perceives is happening the consequent years. She feels more economic chaos, war and environmental difficulties will grow and I believe now, in 2014, we have experienced probably one or more of these situations. She also talks about the simultaneous growing/change of consciousness of us all. A shift to Love will take place. We wake up.

LabyrinthI doodled on. More flowers and ideas for new paintings appeared on fresh new pages and I decided to draw a labyrinth too. In the background I heard Rev Penny talk about Mary Magdalene and her path in life. I drew a female figure standing in front of a labyrinth and I wrote: “Seven Veils, Seven Portals”.

SCAN0110I day-dreamed and I saw myself walking a labyrinth, and with every path towards the goal, I took off a veil, a layer from my being. With every path I became more clear and when I stood in the centre, in the goal, I was ‘naked’. I write ‘naked’ in inverted commas, because it was not a physical nakedness. By casting off seven different layers of my being, I could see it for what it was, standing in the goal of the labyrinth, without the hindrance of the physical body: soul! I visualised the walk out of the labyrinth, and again, with every path and every turn, I clothed my soul. That was that. Made notes about this in my book and I went on with life. Forgetting this whole experience.

More than thirteen years later I did remember Reverend Penny, her talk and my notes, and the conscious seeing of my naked soul. It became time to make the un-tangible soul-language into a tangible one. For over a year I walked every labyrinth I encountered on my path with the intention to experience my soul as soon as I entered the goal of the labyrinth.

It was not an easy path I chose, it was difficult in the beginning but gradually it became easier to cast off unwilling layers. More often than not a sense of resistance developed and I had to work through emotions, ego. I had to go with this inner work in a playful way (I consciously do not call it muddle through or fighting through) to hold on the feeling of the soul.

After about a year of walking Soulful Labyrinths, I my consciousness was shifting. I became more real. There was no place to hide, not for others or for myself. My soul was naked, I could see her and feel her; even it was only for a split second. This soul-moment gave me the opportunity to accept myself without any judgment, seeing myself in my fullness and emptiness. Knowing that my core is good, it is as it should be. I am who I am. Having no judgment about who I am is liberating and this feeling ripples forth in all my layers and in my daily life. This is how I become stronger and more conscious with every labyrinth I walk

The good thing of a soul-walk like this is that it is so safe. I cannot lose my way. I am embraced by the safe way in and the safe way out. As soon as I step out of the labyrinth and disconnect, I still have the memory of the experience of sensing my soul and at he same time I know I am fully connected with the beautiful, dear little animal that is my body.

The labyrinth has become a tool to experience my essence (soul) and at the same time, to experience the essence (spirit) of my body. In this way, the labyrinth has enriched my life, deepened my consciousness, made my soul tangible and my spirit as free as I can let it be!