Welcome to the Daily Awareness Programme.

Congratulations! You have set-aside 12 weeks for you to investigate and experience your Mind, Body and Soul for around 15 minutes daily.

The weekly email prompts invite you to become aware every day of why and how you make your choices, and how you connect to yourself, your body and your world. You become more mindful, while your relationship with Self and Others becomes clear!

After these 12 weeks you have gained in these skills and you can use them in real life, life-long:

  • A greater understanding of your feelings
  • A deeper connection with your relationships
  • Your communications gain in clarity
  • You come to love your Body, Mind and Soul and this ease ripples out in daily life

I suggest you find a special notebook for your insights and/or a notebook – unlined – where you can draw in. You walk, dream, imagine, visualise in these coming weeks and it’s great to write down your insights for future reference. Reading it back somewhere in the future you can enjoy your own wisdom!

Have crayons, felt tip pens or any other writing/drawing utensils at hand.

The 12 emails of this programme are a quick read and easy to understand and easy to accomplish in every day circumstances.

This easiness is not because I do not value your intelligence or perseverance; this is to ensure that the prompts fit into your busy schedules.

If at any point of the 12-week programme you feel you need to share your experiences or want to have a chat with me, send me a message to: karinschluter@gmail.com I’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

The journey begins,