My friend and I met in a noisy Dutch café an eternity ago – at least it feels like that because I have upon returning home to Glastonbury broke my ankle, spend half a day in hospital and am not mobile now for the third day. The world stopped for me for a while and being bound to one place, even time slows down.

We hadn’t seen each other for at least ten years and inevitably we talked about getting older. She is just over 60 and I am just under that age. Quite quickly we came to the realisation that life is not always getting easier when getting older.

I will not list our ailments here, there were plenty and I’m sure a few would ring a bell with some of you, dear readers. This email is solely a warning that The Big Secret is out! I will proclaim here, for anyone to read: Life Is Not Getting Easier When Growing Older, despite rampant commercials tailored to the over-50’s where we all run, swim, dance and have sex like mad!

I have to tell you also that we were talking about our physical bodies. The Other Big Secret is that the internal life is getting easier. Somehow there is more room for graceful thoughts (is that because the internal organs are shrinking?) The view can become wider – is that because even eyeballs get smaller in old age, there is more room to move your eyeballs about in Ye Olde Eyesockettees.

However, there is the heart that never stops growing, always has the opportunity to expand, stays flexible and responds immediately when touched…. Love in so many forms are possible, accepted and nourished when getting older. It becomes easier to choose and take stands, it gets so much easier to make a connection with the bigger part of existence; whatever that bigger part may mean to you. Ancestors are finding a warm nest to dwell in and memories are getting more mellow.

Growing older is something that just happens, I succumb to that fact, but, before I’m getting really, really old I’m doing my best to gear myself up for having a smoothly running, well-oiled buddy, I can lovingly call my body.

– Karin Schluter Lonegren