The Soulful Labyrinth with Karin Schlüter:

Foto0233This workshop with Karin Schlüter  is about touching your soul, and bringing the deepest Self consciously into your daily life.

You learn how to draw a labyrinth, to walk the finger labyrinth to get used to the paths of the labyrinth we walk with our feet next, dancing your own seven-layered dance. Walking in and out, and with every turn and on every path you come closer to your Self in a safe and contained way.

We talk about what to expect before you walk the labyrinth, do a visiualisation, and share your experiences (if you want to) when we have had our walk(s). At the end, you will have touched on your Soul and felt how it is to unconditionally accept yourself.


Slide1The Soulful Labyrinth workshop date for Glastonbury is  25 October 2014. Secure your place and sign-up:

Here you can read my blog on how this workshop came into being. Marion Kuiperie has put some lovely music under the poem I wrote and you can read in the above picture.

I am giving this Soulful Labyrinth pre-gathering  workshop at The Labyrinth Society Annual Gathering, November 14, the fringe event, at the beautiful Duncan Center in sunny DelRay Beach, Florida. (Close to Miami).

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