Driving to the small city beach I listened to Jamie Cullum’s “These are the Days” on the car radio. My dog Snoof was excited to go out and I had a really good time listening to the song during the short trip. Normally I would walk the distance but a physical ailment withheld me from that activity.

Blog: These are the Days of Summer Wine

Sometimes when you dance you fall. There are always others who dance with you who understand the falling. They will help. They are friends or family members, they do their best to bring balance back into your life. Cherish those people…

Although everything in nature told me that Summer is really over: icy wind, a ‘thin’ sun, leaves falling and threatening clouds packed together in the direction of the lake. The song however, woke a zest for life in me. Jamie sings about the golden days of young love and when that love is not so golden anymore. But there are always the memories.

Life can give you hardship, life makes friendships and lets them go, but the soul, our hearts will bring back the memories of those golden days and we can savour them. We can linger in the warmth of our past and take those images with us in to the cold. I know, not all pasts are hunky-dory, neither (mildly) is mine but there were always many moments of happyness and bliss.

In only one-and-a-half season Spring will be there and soon we tentatively step outside, into the light again. I use Winter to go inwards, to go into silence whenever I can, to percolate and bubble, to reminisce and to float a little on new ideas. In the mean time also savouring the Summer Wines from the past and looking forward to those in the future. It’s good to see the past in another perspective, when some years have gone by the multi-dimensional way of looking at and ownings one’s past is liberating. The past becomes what it is… the Past. It’s great taking all those experiences to today and looking out for those Summer Wines in the future.

Life is good. Be well.

Flowers on your path,