Daily Awareness ProgrammeI’m writing my socks off, and loving it. I’ve designed a twelve week programme and I would like to have it on-line this fall. It seems to be happening, all according – more or less – as planned.

Writing the twelve prompts made me go through a speedy journey of inner work myself! And in the last, twelfth piece I mention the act of forgiving (and other topics.)

When people order the Daily Awareness Programme, and after three months receive the last prompt, the world may look very differently from when it was when I wrote it.

Now, 1 August (Lammas, Loaf Mass, Lughnassad, Oogst Feest) the world is in turmoil because of wars, shootings, atttacks, truces, no truces, deadly viruses…

I hope, and trust and pray that in due time the people who are in the midst of the violence and those who act violently, can forgive others and themselves. That they find the space and time to investigate the how and the why of deeds done and the misery, the violence, undergone.

If there is a time we can forgive and reconcile, we can grow as a humanity, we: “aid in the conscious evolution of our species” (part of Chalice Well Essences dedication).

When we start speaking from the heart, from our Souls and so raise our awareness to a level where we can find and accept one another, we can forgive with all of our differences intact.

And in the mean time, we have to do our best to raise our own awareness by forgiving ourselves for all those litttle and larger things that bring out a guilty small voice in the back of our minds and in the chambers of our hearts.

I’ve just gone through that process. Forgiving myself and forgiving others, stilling my jugdmental inner critic. I suggest you do this too. Listen to your heart, forgive what causes the pain. Let go. It may not be an easy process. You may need time… but it makes life so much sweeter!

Shine on,