There is not a day in my life that, since October 2002, I do not think about an experience I’ve had. Before this date, I’ve had moments of oneness but in 2002 I experienced 2.5 days of seeing, living, being, feeling love. I woke up, had a shower and whilst showering I felt ‘something’ shifting in my perception. From that moment on, my life was very different for a few days.

I could see atoms, particles in everything and everyone. I saw and felt that everything was made out of love. It was an amazing experience and words do not do any justice to this awareness adventure.

Last Thursday evening I decided to be and sit still for a few moments and as usual, my longing for a consciousness experience came up again. The longing is there, always… I decided to open myself up for love and be love and practice Universal Love. I also said to myself, that I am ready to receive teachings or a teacher who can show me how to bring this feeling of conscious oneness into my life, again.

Well, from that moment on everything was going to be different than I expected it to be! I became irritated, fidgety, had several arguments with Sig during the ensuing three days, had difficulty with driving my car and when we traveled to Cheltenham for Sig’s talk for the Earth Energies Group of the British Society of Dowsers, I could not find my way into town, despite two GPS systems, a husband with a good sense of direction, a map. I even managed to drive twice! on the wrong side of the road.

After endless backing up and going forward again to park our car at the B&B on Friday evening, we got out and I could not find the front door of the large old house. At last we found a gate with a small path to an entrance. I rang the bell. Dogs exploded barking,  and a woman started yelling to them. The door was torn open and an angry face shouted at me: “What on earth are you doing here! This is private. The dogs go mad!!!”. Sig and I backed off and found our way to the front of the house where the door was opened and a friendly face (the same woman) welcomed us in.

I registered us and the owner and Sig chatted. I heard her say: “I do apologize for the barking dogs, they keep people away from that door”. I could not restrain myself to coolly say: “They did not succeed”.  After my remark, love never blossomed between us…

Since Thursday evening, I haven’t felt this irritated and angry, frustrated and fuzzy and sour.  Since my thoughts about finding Universal Love actively again, I have not succeeded (yet). Maybe living in our world is enough love expressed and trying to be a good human is enough for now. I keep my eyes and ears open, though, to find a teacher. And maybe I’d already found her, as the owner of the barking dogs.

– Karin Schluter Lonegren.