Late Summer MorningWalking up and down the Tor last Monday – Bank Holiday Monday, loads of people there – it struck me that the ancient saying: “Who goes up the mountain has the right of way over who goes down the mountain”, can be applied to the spiritual growth and awareness path.

When we ascend to our top we need the freedom to accumulate experiences to make our journey rich and wide. Isn’t it wonderful if that can be done when others are ‘giving way’? And likewise wouldn’t it be wonderful on our descent, returning to our daily lives where we integrate what we have learned on our upwards journey, that we give way to the people who are on their own path to the top?

Tor in SummerLandsI gave this graceful state of mind a try during my walk. Getting up the winding path thanking walkers who gave way so I could smoothly reach the top. And after my time on the Tor when I walked down, I joyously gave way to others, so I could stand still for a little while and reflect on my growing awareness. A walk to the Tor became a super mindfulness moment!

This is also somewhat analogous to the journey we take when we want to deepen our understanding of our consciousness, of our spirituality, of our awareness. Unhindred it’s fab, but that doesn’t mean that we reach the top unchallenged! That’s why cups of tea and coffee, silently enjoyed in the morning, or a quiet walk through garden or park or retreats and other times set-apart for ourselves are so important. Being able to leap forward, even if it is one step at the time, it can be enough to find ourselves again.