Hours 9 and 10 (tomorrow no way I can do it: clients)

IMG_8047It was grey and dull, but not without pleasure. Friend and I talked about work. We met a few humans and about 30,001 starlings. The puddles were milky, our feet swift. In the end we walked 11,875 steps. 90 minutes of being outside, fresh air, good laughs. We’re on the levels around Glastonbury.


duskAt the end of our walk dusk truly set in. I could not help myself and turn this one into a sepia picture. Made me slightly melancholic. Don’t know why. The sedge (I thought is was reed, but no, it’s sedge) looks so soft and nearly pink. If I would still paint I would have painted it. Beings: two white egrets, one juvenile heron (grumpy), one cormorant, a wren, and a friendly man on a brigde with a huge camera. Bird hunting.