Let’s make 2016 a year where we all thrive and grab the opportunity to do so!A pair of Swans

Prides, sets, lairs, clumps, schools, flocks, brands, churches, clubs, synagogues, temples, mosques, covens: these are only a few names for ‘community’. Almost all species of our world thrive in community. It is known that people are healthier (and happier) when feeling part of a community. Not belonging to a community makes creatures feel lonely and there is the danger of not thriving, of not ‘being safe in numbers’.

Without the sense of community on-going loneliness becomes like a chronic illness.

When I was a child, I fell in love with the stars. I remember looking up to the night sky as a nine year old, and have this feeling of longing to be in that place where everything sparkles, and to sparkle together with everything that was up there. Later as I became older, I started to feel the connection with the earth and when I was around thirtyfive years old, I realised that I was totally in love with my planet. I became a vegetarian (inspired by my eldest son) and I started to think about what we, humans are doing to our earth.

From there on, I grew spiritually and consciously and I realized that we, humans, can go it alone, taking care of the planet as best as we can. But we are much, much stronger if we can stand together and work together for a healthier planet, happier, fully awake inhabitants and live life to the best of our ability for the betterment of all beings.

I like the term: ‘practical consciousness’ and how to apply that to my sense of community. This is what I would like to ring through in my life and what I like to write about. How can I make a community or being an active part of a community and bring betterment to all beings through being practically conscious?

Sweeping the area in front of my house, so it is the perfect place for people to walk past, without them stumbling on debris or sliding over wet leaves? Is it the almost weekly “paying it forward” cup of coffee I pay for at my local café, an anonymous gift to an anonymous stranger? Is it the way I work with my spiritual healing clients? Is it the way I screw up at times and find solutions by recognizing and applying what I have learned through my experiences in the past or from others in my wider community of family and friends?

Now, nearing my 62nd year, I’m finding that my love for the universe and my love for the earth are coming together. The vastness, space, the spirit of the universe and the spirit of earth ‘out there’ are coming more and more ‘in me’. It feels vast in me and I trust I can hold on to this feeling for the rest of my living years, and trust I can find a way to express this feeling in the hope that I can flow and stream within my community, as water flows through earths’ veins, warmed by relationships of friends and family, pets and nature and the fire of the sun.




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