five feet in a circleThis weekend I was in The Netherlands spending two days with the four women who are participating in the pilot year of the Daily Awareness Programme. (In Dutch it has another name, but I’m thinking I will keep the English one.) I also have a USA and another two Dutch guinea-pigs who are testing the full on-line English version of the programme, just to see how it goes and and how it pans out and I do appreciate the feedback I’m receiving!

I’m aware that the on-line programme is not having (not yet!) a face-to-face weekend build in, but the plans are already growing in that direction. There are so many developments under way.

Here you see a 42 seconds recording of the place I held the weekend in the De Schaapshoeve that shows their beautiful labyrinth, I used it in the part of the workshop that is The Soulful Labyrinth: