I only spent a few minutes on the High Street in Glastonbury this morning. Strolling with my love to the shops to get some lunch foods (am going to make blackcurrant muffins with ripe banana and buckweat flour), and reality slapped me in the face.

Doors to the EarthFare storeJust before I stepped in the EarthFare Store, four men walked by. I had my judgement ready, in a split second I thought these men were unhealthy, probably smoking and drinking excessively, shorts and hair were too short and t-shirts too small. It always amazes me what my mind registers in a few moments, true or false! As a reminder I have a bumpersticker on my car that says: “Don’t believe everything you think”.

Well, these men walked by and I heard one say: “Don’t go in there, they’re all effing weirdos.” I burst out laughing while the automatic doors of my beloved whole food store opened and I stepped into Healthy Food Heaven. There you go, two judgments in one blow…

Karin Schluter in EarthFare Healthy Food Haven

On our way back, shopping bag full with food stuffs, we were spoken to by a well dressed man, hands clasped  behind his back, posh accent. He very politely asked if we had some pocket change to spare. I said I didn’t and walked on.

I wonder, what if he would have sat on the pavement in scruffy clothes, hand outstretched if I would have been willing to depart of some metal with a value. Would his position have made a difference, or mine, standing ‘above’ him, instead of being on equal height? Me, giving from above to down to earth… (oh dear, lots to ponder here.) I was taken aback by someone dressed as he was, asking for money. Judgment at-the-ready. At the least I could have given him some food. Used to do that, but that was not always appreciated. Kind of forgot about that. Will have to look again into heart, wallet and shopping bag a next time.

UPDATE: A reader thought that I – tongue-in-cheeckly- meant Prince Charles to be the posh man asking for some change. He did visit the town yesterday. I don’t think he lingered on till this morning to go begging.. www.karinschluter.nl