I’m sickened, I cry and am in agony, am so angry and I feel shattered, I could tear hair from my head and tear clothes from my body in feelings of grieve. My hands are dealing with the dishes in warm soapy water. I clang loudly about with pots and pans, my agony ridden cry comes to the surface anyway: “No! No! This is not possible, how can this be true!”

After a gentle, joyous meal with my beloved, with the TV on in the background, we listen to the BBC news at 6pm. Lyse Doucet reports from Syria and informs the viewers that over a hundred children have been found there over a three year period, tortured to death. Even infants. More than 700 children have been executed. Click here and read the article.

Feelings of hopelessness, bewilderment and helplessess ran through my body, and I thought: “Where are we? What is happening to us, humans, and Who are We?” I feel a ‘we’ is in place here. We all inhabit this village called Earth and we are all connected or related within a few degrees of each other.

Peace seems to be the only answer. May Peace Prevail On Earth.  But how do we start? My friends will remember my dream I every now and then post on Facebook and Twitter: Uni-lateral, World Wide, Universe Wide, instantaneous disarmament. I know that this is not possible (probably!) but I keep dreaming. Even after discussions with friends who say to me to get real, weapons will always be needed. People can kill with a kitchen knife as well, or with a heavy book (and many other examples given.) But I’m talking about Peace starting from the inside out. How do we start? Where do we start?

My sister and her friend (Agnès Schlüter and Nicolien de kroon) have thought of something. They are Standing for Peace. In standing out (dressed in white) they stand for a peaceful world community; where we become conscious about what is happening to ‘us’ and to ‘our’ children in any situation and certainly in wars, our inner and outer wars. We can Stand for Peace as well. Check out the Facebook Motherhood World Wide Page.

Their first manifestation of this kind was on 20 November 2013 in The Hague, in front of the Peace Palace; they were dressed in white like the other Grandmothers and Grandfathers that joined them.  The next one will be on the 20th of December in Amsterdam, on the Dam. So, if you are in The Netherlands, come to Amsterdam and Stand for Peace as well, or start your own Stand for Peace manifestation in your own country, city, village, home… you will be suprised who will be standing with you.

In love,