IMG_5909Well, (that was an intended pun)  today it is World Peace Day. We held a Peace Vigil at the Chalice Well and at the same time, the Chalice Well Essences Team made a Peace Essence.

We, the team, went into silence and ‘tuned in’. After half an hour or so we compared notes. We often come with the same thoughts, feelings, words and impressions out of this meditation. It’s a miraculous process. We become part of the Hive Mind. and this time it happened again.

Synchronicities are abound in the half hour or so we’re co-creating with nature, the Well and with each other. It’s a magical time. This time I had great pleasure in where we were sitting.

We sat next to the Bell at the Well, and within our circle was a mill for drying laundry. In my view Peace can happen everywhere anywhere.

When we sit in cirlce, when we do the dishes and when we hang the laundry outside. In our lives is enough space and time to create Peace.  May Peace Prevail on Earth!