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Deep inside everybody remembers how it was to be born and to be held for the very first time. Loving arms of Mother, Father (related or not) Born - Avalonholding you and seeing you in full-wonder. That memory lingers, that memory fades, that memory sinks deeply and settles in the sediment of your life.
But it is still there. It is still here.
Reach out and claim that love. Look back into the eyes of people you love, that pure ‘seeing you’ is there for you to loose yourself in. Hold hands. Be cradled. Cradle. Cherish. Love.

You are part of it, you are it. We all need arms to hold us tight or to shield us. They are there, and ours can be there for others too. We need that contact, the feeling of skin on skin, even if that means a handshake or a hug with a peck-on-the-cheek. It is all healing.

I’m so glad I changed my healing sessions into this level of this life-affirming work. It’s dynamic, it’s reaching layers forgotten or thought not  worth reaching… and then, that ancient, old, love-level has been reached and contacted. Then there is pure joy, there is radiant love, shining from every pore. The deep buried love is met, given in those first moments of life in this world.

It’s love miraculous!


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