I un-earthed these butterflies out of a moving box, just before I got the ‘flu. Butterflies galore, lately!

“Pay attention to the great metallic blue butterfly”, the shaman said to me when I told him I was about to visit my sister in Suriname, South America, “when you are in the rainforest, follow its trail. They have a pathway they never leave, follow that one and you will be surprised where you’ll end up”.

I never saw the butterfly, but lately – eight years after my journey  – I kept seeing them in my daily life: a great blue one in a magazine, on a pot with Greek yogurt, on Facebook on timelines of friends. I made a mental note. I had to pay attention to those butterflies.

The day before yesterday I fell ill with a fever and I lay shivering in my bed. There was time enough to think en re-think and as thoughts go, mine went all over the place. They sort of ended with memories of a very good time we had with some American geomancy students of Sig’s, they studied with us in Glastonbury for nearly a week some years ago.

I offered healing/reading sessions and after one of those, I stepped with student Carol out my Healing Studio  into the sitting room. It was a gentle spring morning and the sun shone invitingly. We walked to the window where we saw at least fifteen (difficult to count!) fluttering butterflies, flying in and over and around each other in the front garden. They formed an endless tumbling waterfall of white wings and clear sunlight.

I had never seen so many butterflies flying together and Carol and I agreed that this was a little miracle for her, linking to her life in a positive transformative way what was said in the session.

Reminiscing about that joyous sight, I thought with my feverish brain that I could write a piece about that (see above). I fell asleep and thought nothing of it anymore. The next day I stayed in bed as well, but was good enough to check my emails and to my great surprise there was a message from Carol, reconnecting with us and asking if she could visit us later in the year for Reading sessions in The Netherlands.

There is magic in the air…

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