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EnergySoma Healing Healing


People have asked me the last few months: why have you lowered your fees for your healing work? I have given them my answer and …

EnergySoma Healing Healing

Naar Huis

Ze werd gevonden door haar zoon die in de ochtend voor zijn werkdag in Glastonbury nog even bij zijn moeder langs ging. Ze lag daar …


On Being Visible

We excersised visibility You may influence your world more than you think, just by the way you are. Sometimes you are just not aware of …


Helping Out

Helping out is easier than you think, helping out in order to heal is a lovely way of being. This morning I wrote to a …



Het is een jaar geleden dat ik verhuisd ben van Glastonbury naar Enkhuizen. Na een ongelofelijke spannende tijd is ons Engelse huis pas drie maanden …

Dreams Dromen Healing

May is the Month of Mary

I went on a women-only retreat in my home town of Glastonbury, together with a Dutch friend of mine. We walked from my home to …

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Stepping Stones

A bridge made out of ancient stepping stones reminds me of the help and support I have received of many people. Those are family and …

Avalon aan 't IJsselmeer Healing


Being with my granddaughters makes me become fearless, their well-being (they have wonderful parents by the way) is paramount… My kids in general make me …