EnergySoma Healing:

Toen ik ruim voor de afgesproken tijd van mijn afspraak met jou Karin, op de parkeerplaats van De Schaapshoeve in mijn auto wachtte, zag ik je aan komen rijden, uitstappen en hartelijk begroet worden door Jack Peters van de Schaapshoeve.  Ik kreeg gelijk een goed gevoel bij jou, van Welkom zijn, alsof je blij was mij te zien.  En dat gevoel werd sterker, toen jij met de healing begon.  En vanaf het moment, dat jij mijn handen in de jouwe nam en wij elkaar aankeken, werd ik ontroerd, want er was niets tussen ons, dat scheiden kon: op een gegeven moment werd alles ruim en oneindig; ik zag jou, jij mij en ik zag ook, dat er geen verschil was in die oneindigheid, alles werd één, zonder oordeel.

Je vertelde mij wat je in mij gezien had, waardoor ik opnieuw ontroerd werd, omdat ik voelde, dat het waar was.  Ik vond het erg prettig, dat jij tussendoor toelichtte, wat je tegenkwam.  En het was fijn, dat je dat naderhand ook opschreef.  Daar had jij een prachtige kaart voor genomen, die ik op gevoel had uitgekozen.

Jij nam alle tijd voor mij en ik had zoveel vertrouwen in jou, want ik voelde, dat je MIJ zag, wie IK werkelijk ben.  Elke keer, als ik terug denk aan de healing, krijg ik een heel speciaal gevoel, van ‘heel’ zijn, ondanks alles.  Ik ben jou heel dankbaar en ik kijk uit naar een volgende harte-ont-moeting, waar en hoe dan ook.
Liefs, Olga”

“Thank you again for the lovely healing session last Tuesday.
 I continue to be inspired by what was revealed as the work continues to deepen.” L.L.S.- USA

“I want to thank you from my heart for the wonderful healing I received during the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. Some of the messages you told me brought me an affirmation of what I’ve been feeling before – like the spirit guides you saw and my connection with Brigit – and some were wonderful new gifts in my life – like my life/heart colour.
The healing continues to support me in my journey to my own Authentic Self.” M.v.E. – The Netherlands

“EnergySoma healing starts the minute you come into contact with the glowing energy of Karin, who focuses on you all her loving attention.  As I lay on the healing bed, I felt very safe and cared for and soon drifted into a beautiful state of somewhere between sleep and meditation, totally relaxed and open, with visions of going deep and then spirit energy and colour lifting me as Karin worked.

Afterwards, as Karin talked me through the colour, sound, animals, plants and elements that had accompanied her work and gave me a beautiful small, symbolic stone, I felt slightly spaced out and unable to fully concentrate. Fortunately, she wrote down all this information in a card that depicts one of her powerful paintings. Afterwards, I felt lighter and more at peace with my emotions, body and life – and I was glad to have the card to refer to as a reminder of this deep, harmonising experience and a prompt for focus in my own meditation.” Faith, UK.

“Dear Karin, I am very grateful for your help and light guiding me when I was on cross roads.  The first time (in 2006) it was an energy treatment and the last time (2013) it was an EnergySOMA treatment. Both times you took the time to patiently and kindly help me to see and learn more about myself. Thank you very much.” Suzie Joku, Utrecht, Netherlands.

“After my ‘fall’ you really assisted me to get back on my feet and the treatments were amazing…for both my knee and shoulder…”, Ashtara Ra, Glastonbury, UK,

“I consulted Karin last year at a very stressful point in my life and found her gentle wisdom and intuitive guidance very reassuring and empowering. Our session of Energetic and Psychic Healing provided me with the inner strength and the insight to ‘see’ my immediate situation in its true perspective, and gave me the tools to look into my future with courage, inspiration and the knowledge that I was on the right path!”, L. Carrington-Smith, Toronto, Canada.

“My time with Karin was truly inspirational. She tapped into my inner self in a most remarkable way and discovered memories – pleasant, life affirming memories – buried deep down and forgotten which she was able to resurrect for my benefit. When I left I felt not only physically invigorated by her treatment, but also emotionally comforted and encouraged to put my effort and energy into the plans I had in mind. I cannot recommend her too highly.”,  Helen M. Stevens,  UK.

“It’s two years since I wrote my last testimonial for Karin and I would like to write another because she continues to impress me with her deep comittment to her work. Karin has that very rare quality of combining top line professionalism and an ability to connect with those who come to her for treatment, which makes them feel seen. She never makes you feel as if she is rushing, and you can just trust and let yourself go. The effects of her healing method lasts for days, at least for me, and I am a tough nut to crack! I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.”, Gillian Booth, Glastonbury, UK.

“A somewhat belated thank you for the wonderful afternoon I spent with you.  The Healing was a truly magical experience and my Tarot reading great – yet another nudge (kick!!) to get going.  Sig, I have now designed my leaflets for the Angel Reiki and they are currently being printed – you would be proud of me. I am sure I will be back to see you when I visit Glastonbury again.”,  Louise Robinson, Eastbourne, UK.

“After Karin’s Energy Treatment, I felt energetically recharged, relaxed and in contact with my power. In a pleasant and relaxed way Karin knows how to connect you with your deepest self. Professionally she explains how she works and what she is about to do. Nice also, is that she jots down the keywords of what she has been working on, so at a later stadium you can read about and feel again what has been said. I recommend her!”,  J.v.L., Arnhem, The Netherlands.

“During your treatment it felt as if golden honey was being poured into my body.”,  M.G., Glastonbury, UK

“Karin’s work with me was wonderful, and very “right on”. I had come to Glastonbury for the Goddess Conference, and Karin helped me to open my heart and clear my energy in preparation for the Conference, as well as accurately bringing to my attention personal points of healing. Thank you Karin!”,   L. USA.

“The treatment elevated me to a light place, one which feels relaxed and easy, I’m hoping that this takes me to a good sleep. Although rarely depressed, I know I have fault lines lying close to the surface and tonight they seem almost absent. You are a healer from the heart, your love and kindness very evident. I would be happy to come to you again.”, Gillian Booth, Glastonbury, UK.

Personal Healing Week:

“Looking for Transformation? is the place to be. For years I was stuck in low frequency/infra-tone noise, I hardly was able to move forwards, or backwards, I was exhausted too because of lack of sleep.
This summer Karin did a distance reading/healing (Personal Healing Week) for me. She helped me for five days in a row.  She gave me a visualisation where in I stood in a field of flowers – she suggested I would use the etheric oils of these specific flowers – to earth myself thoroughly. First I stood still as a statue in that field but soon that image transformed in to one of a ballerina making pirouettes. This pirouette became in the ensuing days a whirling column of energy making a connection between ‘heaven’ and earth. And that’s the way it occurred in reality: I was stuck and without any energy. Now there is still tiredness however I feel drive… our house has been sold in no time, we’re moving to a more wholesome, free place.
Fully inspired by our future my husband and I found a new life style: living in a tiny house. This is a decision that fits the person that I am better, who we are (also happy), feet planted in the earth, connected to all that is. Thank you, Karin. When needed I will come back to you. ”
– G.O, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Readings or On-Line LoveLetters:

“What a beautiful meeting it was yesterday, it was a special moment full of inner calm. It was great to be with you: what love and serenity you have! After the reading I had amazing dreams. Now I do feel a clarity I do feel my consciousness unfolding, which is beautiful, I feel I have received a push to let it open even further! Thank you Karin.” R.v.D., The Netherlands

“Without your stimulus I would have declined the invitation to teach, and I would have missed an opportunity in life, and I would have missed out on something very special…”, T.H., Utrecht, The Netherlands.

“It is time to stop hiding and bring all of me together in one big space as you say and know that they are all my Truth…”, B., Wells, UK.

“You have given me lots to feel into and think about and I will work with it now to go into greater depth into my intuitive nature and dream world – which my mind often clouds over – the old academic voices!…”,  C.C., UK.

“Wow! What a powerful reading!”, L.S., London

“Thank you for that wonderful healing  and reading it has really helped to give me some more insights on my own journey. You were clear and all you said has a resonance with me, I felt it in my dream world last night.” L.O. – UK

“I like the real-life symbols you use, symbols I can actually relate to. Thank you.” Jane – UK

Reading & Healing:

“I can recommend a psychic reading & healing session with Karin to anyone who wants to deal with blockages to a natural flow of energy. Her reading is spot on and I could feel immediate beneficial effects after the session!” A.d.V. – UK









Telefoon: 0649708628

Adres: Lonegren Koekange, Drenthe, The Netherlands 


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