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Sun, tree, crow’s nest

Helping out is easier than you think, helping out in order to heal is a lovely way of being.

This morning I wrote to a friend that I feel that there is a change happening in the world, our world. It feels to me – despite many hopeless situations for different groups of people – that there is a shift happening. A positive one.

It feels, and I am consciously saying “it feels” and “I feel” because that is what it is, my feelings,  that there is a waking-up happening. Of course, it is Spring on our side of the Planet. Nature is waking up big time! There is much positivity in the air, the colours outside are intensifying, birds are nesting, I spend more time outside and the sun is nourishing my winter body.

I do feel that I, we, humans are waking up massively to the reality that something needs to change in our behaviour to safe keep nature. Our nature, but also our own nature, our character, our soul, our spirit.

I feel that we are waking up spiritually,  a lifting up of our spirit is happening and as humanity we are working hard to bring ourselves up to speed with the rest of the universe.  I feel we grow collectively so we can all sing the praises together of the magnificence of our beings, our planet, our galaxy, our universe, helping out with healing along the way.

So, how can we get to this rising as smoothly as possible? I’ve gathered some ideas:

  1. Be kind to humans and animals alike, and plants!
  2. Make honest compliments (make people smile by saying something wonderful about them)
  3. Receive gracefully that what is given to you (with an open heart. Open hearts touch other hearts)
  4. Keep your environment clean, where ever you are (pick up litter)
  5. Shine for others (I heard this between sleeping and waking, a loud voice waking me up with these words)
  6. If you can’t shine, smile a lot (that is akin to shining and easily done)
  7. Let bird song fill your heart (also known as: relax, listen to birds, love them)
  8. Having a healing attitude (mend where possible, if you are involved, and when not, send out a prayer, a heart-feeling, a kind thought to the people or the situation)
  9. Honour your family, your elders, your friends, your neighbours. It’s a start.

I feel that with these nine points we can come a long way to lifting our collective spirits! I’m sure that there are a gazillion points to make here. Let me know what yours is to lighten up your life, and then by default, other’s.

Flowers on your path,

EnergySoma Healing