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The first time I was fiercely jealous, I was in class room, I was maybe six years old and the cutest littlest girl of elementary school was picked up by my teacher and almost thrown into the air accompanied with something like: “it is so wonderful to see you today!”. energysoma healing

I did not know that this feeling was jealousy, I learned that later. I only knew I felt this horrible feeling flooding my insides and it felt not good and strangely good at the same time. I sat at my tiny desk and felt and knew that I was not greeted that way by my teacher as well. And I knew that I never ever would be greeted by her that way. In that moment my little six year old self limited herself immensely.

Fast forward 58 years. Through those years I have learned how to deal with jealously. Every human being at one point in their lives must have felt jealousy or something akin to that.  So did I and I found a way out of that limiting belief system. It is also harshly unkind for the person or situation you are jealous at or for. There is a kind of strange energy, almost palpable hanging between you, them and it!

Once I knew and felt it was such a limiting emotion, I decided to deal with it as soon as I felt it creeping up on me. How did I do that? I changed my belief about myself. I found jealousy stemming from feeling inadequate, not worthy, not being able to see me. The real me, the me that would be able to spread wings and fly! That me, girl, woman who follows her heart, gut feeling and investigated the world, the seen one and the unseen one.

Overcoming jealously means getting to know one self well. Warts and all. It’s liberating and feeling that freedom creates space for growth.

Would you like to know more about how I did that? Do you feel you need to deal with any jealously in your life and would like to talk about that, please contact me for an inspirational conversation, a healing and get to know and feel how it is to be really seen!

Read more in the link. Make an appointment in The Netherlands or have a talk with me on-line! I am fluent in English and Dutch. 


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