Your Personal Healing Week

Are you feeling stuck in your life and that gives you stress? You seek help to find your right track again? I help you finding your inner compass and show you how to work it!

I invite you to an exclusive week of On-Line transformation– A personalized series of FIVE Distance Healing Sessions for five days, tailored to your specific needs, daily contact and a Reading.

We will begin with a (Free) Skype or Phone conversation 
to answer any questions you have, I explain how this extraordinary Personal Healing Week can fit into your life style and we identify why you want this deep personal healing time.
This is also the time where you decide to go on with the process of this Personal Healing Week.  (This is a free call)

When you feel that you want to have this healing experience and say ‘yes’,  then I write your reading which includes your personalised visualisation and with an explanation how I conduct the reading/healing.
This reading guides us through this special week of healing and personal transformation.

Read here a testimonial of a client’s experience with the Personal Healing Week

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Our Week Together will flow as follows:

Day 1-      Conversation (see above) and a Distance Reading send to you by email

Day 2-      Absorb the reading and get acquainted with your personalised visualisation (is part of the Reading)

Day 3-7 – Daily healing, daily correspondence, and an “end email” to close out the process.

What is Distance Healing?
Distance healing is any form of healing energy sent (or transmitted) across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. You do not have to be physically present to receive the healing. Distance Healing takes place when communication between the energy-healer and recipient occurs through the universal energy field rather than by touch. It is done at a specific time set aside and agreed upon between you and me.

This type of healing is equally effective as an in person healing because my focus is on the energy body, and tapping into your own innate wisdom. Ultimately, you are your own healer. I am the energy guide.

How is Distance Healing performed?
At the agreed time, I enter a 40-minute meditative state of pure, focused intention to enhance your well-being. As information surfaces, I become aware of how best to harmonize and balance your energies. Through your own innate wisdom, you will receive the vibrations being transmitted to you. Imagine, if you will, a tuning fork vibrating as it is struck.

Over the next five days, I spend 40 minutes  a day – devoting my undivided attention to you and your specific needs.

Each day I provide a short report, via email, on what has changed that day in the image of the visualisation and the energy in and around you. I look forward to feedback about your day so that I can carry it with me into next 40 minute healing session.

The Benefits of Distance Healing

  • You are able to relax in the comfort of your own home.
  • You can receive energy healing while you are sleeping or as you go about your daily routines.
  • Or you may choose to engage fully in the experience by doing your own personal meditative or creative practices at the agreed time.
  • You gain emotional, mental peace, and uplifted spirits.
  • You may feel an enhanced connection with Divine Energy.
  • You may receive a higher level of clarity in your life.
  • You may release tension and relax the physical and energetic bodies so that you can heal.

Clients have described my work as  feeling

  • Hugely supportive
  • Clarifying
  • Genuinely Transformative
  • Energy boosting

I would be privileged and honored to facilitate your journey to greater well-being.

If this resonates with you, please accept my invitation by scheduling your FREE Skype call  to answer you questions about the process and to schedule YOUR exclusive transformative Personal Healing Week!

Your Personal Healing Week: €180
I accept PayPal payments



Telefoon: 0649708628

Adres: Lonegren Koekange, Drenthe, The Netherlands 


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