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Op Afspraak

What is your sorrow, your loneliness, misunderstanding, what are your old emotional issues? Maybe it is that you would like to be able to forgive yourself and you want to experience inner peace. Write about what keeps you awake at night and I answer you from Universal Love, inspired by The Great Mystery.

Sometimes you need help with feeling positive and thankful so that all your channels open up: to be well, to transform Karin Schluter Healingand to enjoy life’s flow whatever your circumstances.

Let me help you in finding your own strength and to find your own way on your life’s path, let me write a LoveLetter to you, written from Soul to Soul.

I look forward to working with your unique questions. I  answer them from a place of blissful Universal Love.

Request a LoveLetter by sending an email. You write why you would like to receive this Loveletter (reading) and then the ‘process’ starts!

A Remote EnergySoma Healing is a fine way to help yourself to take a step further in your life. Your energy becomes clear, physically you can feel energised, it becomes easier to deal with old emotional issues.

Both LoveLetter and Remote Healing come with detailed emails of my visions for you, healing exercises, descriptions of nature’s elements supporting you.

LoveLetter: €59
Remote EnergySoma Healing: €59

LoveLetter & Remote EnergySoma Healing: €110